Fall Break is on Brakes

“Do a lot of nothing.”
The wise words of my advisor Dr.Himsel last tuesday. Though I listen to all of his great advice, I might have applied this piece of advice a bit more than others.
Wednesday afternoon I spent at my buddy’s cabin fishing, roasting hot dogs, grilling burgers, chopping wood, playing football (tackle? yes, and the only light was moonlight), and roasting marshmallows.

Thawing our burger meat the only way we knew.

And making meatloaf?? Meatloaf??? Actually, it wasn’t bad.

Austin, Kolby, Thanh and I playing BS (Bull Shit) around the kerosene lantern.

Just a good afternoon spent with Pat, Thanh, Austin and Kolby hanging out and relaxing. While we were feeding the fire, one guy compared it to the scene in the first Grown Ups. Just without the kids and extra weight on our guts.
Thursday, we woke up showered and headed to SKYZONE. If you have never been, you must sometime soon. It is basically a warehouse filled with trampolines and you can play dodgeball, dunk some basketballs, or fly into a foam pit. For $20 Kolby, Pat and I were there for 2 hours. Not a bad deal if you ask me. We even got the idea of starting a Wabash Skyzone club.
The rest of break I did what Professor Himsel asked of me. Absolutely nothing. I’d like to say how many hours I spent playing video games, but it would probably make this a very long post. I did wake up at about 2 in the afternoon Friday, Saturday, and today.
Best part of the break was buying that ticket to go back home for thanksgiving. If all keeps going well, the

Mom and Pop’s relaxing at home.Tuesday before thanksgiving I will be an uncle; Maya Marie Reyna will be the first girl in my family. Just a 4 or 5 week push and I will be home in Houston’s humid heat and my mom’s home made soup.
Thanks for reading heard that it is going to be a cold week so gear up.