Wild Oats

Such a lively performance by the theatre department last night. I am just astonished by the talent on that stage and even more amazed that they were mostly Wabash guys. Such a wonderful performance by the theatre department. They packed the house and rocked it too. I don’t remember specific lines on of the many sexual innuendos, but the joy and laughter I haven’t forgotten. Saturday night is the last showing, so if your free at 8 pm head over to Salter.

Before I made my decision to come to Wabash, I had a personal experience with the theatre department here. I was on campus for Honors Scholarship Weekend and I met, now alumn, Ryan Lutz. He encouraged me to go to the theatre department to check it out. I had never been in a theatre or acting class before and I thought watching wouldn’t hurt.

Well I was right, watching wouldn’t hurt, but they didn’t have me just watching. The class was having their daily rehearsal and decided to have us warm up with them. One warm up consisted of tongue twisters I still can’t untwist . Another was every person makes a physical movement with an accompanied sound and the rest of the class copies them. It was ways out of my comfort zone and different from anything I had ever done before.

I think that in every one of my classes now, I have felt out of my comfort zone, and as awkward as it feels to be uncomfortable I have learned to appreciate it. I have learned to appreciate stepping out of my small cozy area. When I am in my comfort zone, I don’t interact with my professors in discussions or debates and I am not growing as an individual.

Part of being Seriously Confident, is being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Get out of your own shoes and try new things. Try Glee Club even though you have never sung outside of the shower. Try the Radio Station, even though you have never been in a studio. You’ll find you have more interest you thought you did not have. Who knows, you could even make a college career out of one of those interest.