Homecoming For Independents

Homecoming weekend, and all the hard work and time we independents put in, left me dead tired. I was literally up for 50 hours since Thursday morning till Saturday night with about 4 hours of napping and “sleep.”

This is how it went.

Thursday morning was chapel sing out on the mall. Independents didn’t place for top five, but we didn’t come last. That same night we guarded and painted the bench.

Me, Pat, Andrew, Kyle on Friday

Professors, upperclass men, deans, and even some fraternities had great things to say about the bench.

Keep in mind that  the guys painting the bench had sat least some homework for the friday morning. As Wabash men know, our priorities came first, then the festivities and leisure.

Friday afternoon we started our float and banner in the basement of Martindale hall . . . we still need to finish cleaning up down there. At one point there had have to been 40 people in there while The Who’s Baba O’Riley was blasting. When it hit 8:30, we still had nothing ready for fireside chant. Pat and Andrew took ten minutes and wrote it. That left the rest of us about 15 minutes to learn it. Long story short we won 5th place. Pretty good for a 45 second chant that took ten minutes to write. At 5:30, the remaining 8 or 9 of us historically took turns and drilled the last screw on the float.

Kyle, Andrew, Me and Pat Saturday morning

Saturday morning, I finally hit the hay at 6:00 am and woke up 3 hours later to perform with the Glee Club at Chapel for Alumni. IMA grilled some hotdogs, brots, and burgers behind Martindale again for Independents. By the half time of the game we were ready with our banner flying high and Queen dressed in drag. The independent procession was my friend Kyle carrying the Stars and Stripes. Then Andrew and I carried the banner while the wind was literally lifting and trying to blow us over.

independent Queen, “Patty” being paraded down the track during halftime.

Finally Pat, or should I say Patty, wore her fish nets, wig, skirt, corset, boots and purse. Patty sat in her chair and was carried in front of the stands. The banner won 4th place and the Queen 3rd. Feels great to be have been part of that aspect of homecoming.

Can’t forget to thank all those Independents across campus who donated their money or time for the materials and building. Those who gave some money helped supply the wood, paint, brushes, sheets and PVC pipes for the banner, bench and float.

It hit me why President Hess based his speech on Freshman Saturday on “The 4 Gets in college. I now understand one of the most important “Gets”, “Get Sleep.” I think I’m going to get that now.

Good night Wabash.

Great game Little Giants.