Homecoming 2013

So this Saturday was the 2013 Homecoming football game, banner, float, and queen competition! The pledges of Phi Gamma Delta were able to place in every event in this year’s Homecoming Competition, and by the end of the week took the overall win for this year’s Homecoming! For anyone wondering about the queen part of an all-male college competition, well it’s just what you may think it is. The pledge classes for each fraternity and the independent students choose a student in their pledge class to be a “drag” queen. All in the spirit of a good time.

This past week has been an up and down week, school work is an ever present burden, and cross country (the best part of the day) is time consuming. Also, cross country traveled to IU Bloomington this past Friday and raced against all division schools in humid conditions and light rain. Of course upon arriving and leaving one of the three vans the team travels to meets in became bogged down in the mud and required the team to help push the van out of the mud. The result by the end of the day was Wabash Varsity winning the Little State title over the University of Indianapolis! Also, Jared Burris and Ryan Horner seem to know every person within the state of Indiana, and possibly beyond international borders. Also (again), shout out to Nathan Bode for being a Phi Del bro and always saving me a seat in his car when we go on long runs to Shades State Park!