Jack Nolan ’22 — During the summer of 2021, I had the privilege of writing and directing my own film. I would like to thank many individuals for their collaboration and help over the course of this summer; however, it would simply not have been possible from the start if not for the generous support of the Dill family that I have gained through my collaboration with Roland Morin. 

For my project, I was able to meet and get ahold of fellow Wabash students and alumni who shared the same dreams and passion for the film industry as I do. For an all Male school in the middle of Indiana to bring extraordinary individuals with varying experiences and talents together for a project like this was amazing. 

Although I have not completely finished the project, I am looking forward to sharing the production this upcoming year and letting everyone experience the power of storytelling and perspective created by the diverse individuals who helped me put the story together. Thank you again to all of my supporters near and from afar, and I look forward to sharing my film soon.