Will Olive ’24 — First, I want to thank the alumni donors for funding my summer internship experience with The Peterson Company and Business Innovation Program (BIP) at Wabash College. Also, I thank the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE), CIBE Senior Fellow Anthony Mendez ’20, and Associate Dean Roland Morin ’91. The internship opportunities truly educated me and deepened my knowledge within the business world. Next, I would like to thank all the alumni that took time out of their days to meet with us. These alumni were a great help, sources of knowledge, and they also gave us insight into their Wabash experience and how it helped them.

At The Peterson Company, I was part of their project management team. I was part of the on-site management of 7 different projects, which included ten buildings. The tasks included contacting, communicating, and coordinating the work necessary for completing each of the buildings. Through this process, I learned how to use a couple of new programs that streamline the process. I learned how to use Microsoft Project, which is scheduling software that makes it easier to predict when work will be ready to be started. Also, I learned how to use Procore, a project management software that stores the prints and drawings, a copy of the schedule, and easy access to the subcontractors.

Overall, I learned a tremendous amount from both The Peterson Company and BIP. The Harvard Business School case studies through the BIP allowed me to think critically about important business decisions. The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) sessions taught me ways to communicate effectively and intelligently. The EQ sessions allowed me to become more aware and comfortable when handling challenging situations. I believe it will help me when dealing with clients and coworkers. This summer has been immensely beneficial for my personal and professional growth. I cannot thank Anthony Mendez ’20, Associate Dean Roland Morin ’91, and the rest of the CIBE enough for the incredible opportunity with the BIP