Thomas Niemer ’22 — Over the last 8 weeks, I worked at Connecta Corporation in Indianapolis. I spent most of my time going back and forth between different projects with different people. I worked mainly in shipping but spent a lot of time doing various tasks in quality. 

In the shipping department, I worked with two great guys who were friendly and helpful. I reorganized inventory, packaged parts, and logged information to the database. In quality control, I spent a long-time checking parts to make sure they were up to code. In the later part of my internship, I handled invoices. I printed off the invoices, filed them, and sent them to companies. Besides that, I spent a while reorganizing filing cabinets, which involved putting away files, making sure they were in chronological order, and making sure the papers inside were organized.

Thank you, Dill Small Business Fund, for funding this internship. Without the aid of the Dill Small Business Fund, I would not have had this summer opportunity.  It is important to support small businesses. The last year has been tough on small businesses and this fund helps small businesses get back to normalcy.