Morgan Lamon ’24 — This summer, I was lucky enough to have the chance to intern at Modern Stoa Limited, a company that has made its niche in the sourcing of advertising for various podcasts. While this type of advertising was foreign to me, I was excited at the chance to be able to learn the process and hopefully get the chance to successfully finalize an advertising contract. While working at Modern Stoa, I was able to apply many of the skills I learned through the BIP program especially the core excel skills offered in the Certification Program. These excel skills helped enable me to produce a master spreadsheet of all of Modern Stoa clients that was link vicariously through one another that would allow the team to make quick changes that would be reflected in real-time across all of Modern Stoa’s ad sheets. This skill provided to me from the Business Innovation Program (BIP) through the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE) at Wabash College was essential in making me a vital member of the Modern Stoa Limited team and ultimately is the reason I was able to take on more complex and difficult tasks.

Over the course of the summer, I began to work on brand sourcing which allowed me to make decisions on what companies I felt would be the most compatible with podcast personalities. After I made the decision on the compatibility of these brands, I was then tasked with connecting these brands on Modern Stoa’s behalf in hopes of securing a meeting where I could then pitch the brands on the benefits of advertising via a podcast. Ultimately, I was able to connect with multiple brands and help pitch them on the benefits of advertising via podcast. These pitches led to me securing a deal with company Better Help, an online counseling service, to advertise on 4 episodes on one of Modern Stoa’s many clients. Once I had secured a signature on the invoice, I was able to say that I complete my goal of achieving a contract deal with the brand.

Opportunities like the one I mentioned above are something I didn’t necessarily think I would have this summer due to the fact I am only 19 years old; however, due to the outstanding network of alumni Wabash and the expanding network of donors I was able to strengthen my interest in the advertising world.