Throughout my summer of 2020, I have been interning with Capturely.According to Capturely themselves“Capturely offers an imagery production experience,at any scale, designed to inspire confidence and engagement through consistent, usable imagery. Companies face unique challenges in this digital age where people make judgments within nanoseconds of seeing imagery. By carefully creating consistent imagery that honors our client’s brand, we showcase their best asset (their people) which inspires engagement and trust.”

Generally,as a Business Development Representative,I use prospecting strategies to lead initial outreach to prospects and set appointments to help grow the business.My main duties at Capturely include lead generation for the company,and I follow up with marketing leaders in various industries and try to schedule meetingsbetween the various leaders and Capturely’s Account Executives. In addition to lead generation, I am also responsible for tracking the leads and recording any progress with getting through to the marketing leaders.My main objectives include prospecting into strategic business accounts via cold call, email and social strategies; drive sales growth and pipeline through setting up qualified meetings for sales leadership and Account Executives;and maintaining and organizing an annual book of business.

Throughout this experience, I have been exposed to many new forms of technology that is used for the specific duties of Capturely. I have learned how to use Sales Navigator, which is a program through LinkedIn, to find andgenerate leads for the Account Executives. I have also at times, put mass amounts of information into Exceland I believe it has cultivated my Excel skills in a way that makes me that much closer to proficient.There are many more small programs that are used in the daily routine at Capturely, which I feel as if I have a strong enough grip on to be able to share my knowledge if need be, which is a testamentto what I have learned during this experience.