My name is Coledon Johnson. This summer I was fortunate enough to participate in a summer internship with LED Indy with the help of another Wabash student and friend, Nicholas Drehs. LED Indy is located in Zionsville, Indiana and are responsible for helping businesses, commercial buildings, and multi-family units with new state of the arch LED lighting fixtures. My role at LED Indy was revolved around marketing on social media and sales. I created dozens of video and informative imagespromoting LED Indy. One of my favorite projects I worked on was a short video documentary series on everyone in the office. Nick and I sat down with all the employees and asked a couple questions about their job and the LED industry. Visit LED Indy on anysocial media platform to see the final results!

During my time at LED Indy I have learned a great amount of information on LED lighting. For instance, LED lighting is 75%-80% more energy efficient than any other lighting fixture which ultimately saves money and the environment. However, the most interesting part of working at LED Indy was becoming informed on the brand new 2020 UVC lighting technology that kills harmful pathogens and viruses such as COVID-19. The new technology was combined with AI robots that could automatically clean rooms and spaces in minutes. I really enjoyed researching these products and creating content. Marketing for such wanted and essential products made my job not only easier but made me feel much more fulfilled with the work I was doing.

Lastly, I would like to touch on a very interesting yet inspiring dynamic at LED Indy. John Melind, VP of Sales, was the Wabash Alum we partnered with this summer. Ironically, the founder of LED Indy was a DePauw graduate. Nonetheless, the work environment was filled with lighthearted jabs and support from both men the entirety of the summer. John Melind was an incredible connection and through him I was able to see what life after Wabash is like and see the true power and dedication alum have to Wabash College.

As I approach the final weeks of my internship, LED Indy has had a 400% increase on Twitter followers, 1,850% increase on LinkedIn impressions, and a staggering 9,000% increase on Facebook outreach. I am grateful for Wabash College,John Melind, and all the other important people that made this internship a reality.