As a Small Business Immersion Intern, I am experiencing an internship unlike anything most college sophomores are getting the chance to this summer.  While working primarily from my home computer, it may seem that an internship based off of a laptop would have little to no work. Well, I can attest that none of that is true.  My internship is with an e-commerce start-up for consumers and businesses where I am independently responsible for projects that the rest of the team rely on.

Some of my initial projects include reviewing and updating our web knowledge center, consisting of thousands of financial management tools (and making use of my economics classes hourly!). Keeping all of our information up to date is crucial. Another project that I have been working with is the competitor analysis for our individual firm. Taking a look at similar services around the market allows for the small business to become more efficient through improvements at every step.  While undertaking these tasks I am in constant contact with my business immersion mentor and Wabash alum. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening we have individual phone calls where we discuss our weekly goals, current tasks and jobs for me to do.  Then on Saturday mornings we have our weekly whole team conference call with colleagues from across North America.

While I have been working for about one month now I am excited for what the rest of the summer will bring.  I recently spoke to a former intern who was extremely impressed with all the work that has been accomplished since he was last working the previous summer. This is an incredible opportunity to be able to be a key component to the launching a new service that is in its closing stages of final development. Thanks to Wabash College, Career Services, and the Small Business Internship Fund, I am able to experience something this summer that very few college students can attest to being a part of.