Two To Go and First Birthday away from Home


I can barely wrap my head around the idea that there is only two weeks of freshman year classes left. Not really an “idea” but the truth. What I also find hard to believe is spending my 19th birthday away from my parents and brothers.

This will be my first birthday not at home with my mom and dad. It is not easy being away from home and though no one can replace a mother and father’s love, the friends I have made at Wabash make it a bit easier to deal with such things. At Wabash we are one team and we are one family. We stand next to each other trough thick and thin. It is true that you will make your best friends in college, at Wabash you make more than friends. The fact that there are no girls in classes helps form stronger bonds with your Wabash brothers. It is not easy to explain how these bonds are formed or strong they really are, but they are there and definitely tenacious.

This social aspect is definitely the green light and deciding factor of why I am coming back for another year. Going to college and graduating with a diploma means nothing if you did not enjoy the stay and ride to get there. Wabash is definitely a choice I would make over and over again. Coming back to Wabash for next year is just as important if not more important. Go to Wabash, you will not forget it.