Last Night’s Snowball Fight

YESS!!! Eastside of the Campus won that snowball fight hands down. I got hit straight in the face, twice. Thank G-d the snow was not great packing snow because it would have hurt. Rhynies made burgers and hot dogs.Then, like we do before any and every event, Nathan Body sang the National Anthem before we began. Can’t wait for the next snowball fight this year.

Glee Club practice got pushed an hour later so I will be able to support the Wabash Wrestlers tonight. Never actually been to a Wrestling meet nor do I know how you win so it will be something new.

I was thinking back to where I was a year ago starting to really think about what school I was going to pick. After all the lists I made measuring out the positives and negatives of my choices, there is so much I never would in a millioon years have accounted for that made Wabash this great.

Today’s Chapel Talk brought me to tears and if you want to know why here it is. It is the story of an alumn, “Wabash… From the Heart.” Enjoy it.

Winter in Crawfordsville

I am a cute ninja

Since I’m doing whatever I can to not go outside, and since I don’t have class on Thursday, I thought I’d tell you all about my interpretations of winter here.

With the aforementioned cold, I find myself bundling up more than I ever did in Oregon. Even during cold snaps in Oregon, I just threw on my hoodie and pushed on (I call it Oregonian stubbornness- just like we never put raincoats on or use umbrellas when the weather would otherwise call for them, but here I’ve got my sweater, my winter coat, my gloves, my had and my scarf (the latter two my grandmother knitted for me. Thanks 🙂 ). Even then I’m still a bit cold (partially because I only have jeans), but it’s better than nothing.

Currently, I’ve been surviving on a steady diet of tea (English Breakfast Tea, mainly). I already mentioned my love of tea last blog post, so I won’t mention it again (although, if I start shooting fire out of my hands I might have to work on my philosophical ramblings… and grow a beard). I would like some soup, but you have to make du with what you have in these kinds of situations.

On a different note, squirrels are adorable when they run around in the snow. When it’s deep enough, all you can see is their little heads when they look around. They’re like little snow gophers. Sadly, they’re not the most photogenic of rodents, so I was not able to get a picture of them doing this.

Anyway, one of the advantages of being inside quite a lot is that I get a chance to talk to people. I do live in a fraternity (Kappa Sigma for anyone that’s wondering), but it seems that sometimes I don’t really get a chance to talk with my brothers. Being inside most of the time I feel that I get a better chance to do so, although they have their own classes so such interactions are usually fleeting.

On the subject of interactions, there was a snowball fight last night. I would have gone, but Dork Club came up. Beat the DePauw orks, so that made me happy.

Class is Cancelled???

No they were not, but one of my classes was. Woke up at 8 am got the update about my 10 am Spanish being cancelled and went back to bed. It is very unlikely that Wabash will close because of snow, supposedly I heard that one time a president of the college closed the school because of snow and soon after was no longer president.

Even with classes in, there is supposed to be a campus snowball fight on the mall. Being from Texas this sounds freaking awesome and of course I am going to be a part of it. I don’t have snow gloves but I think I know when the frostbite starts coming in. I will tell ya’ll how it went tomorrow afternoon.

Winter, Colds, Injuries

It’s winter, if you didn’t notice all the white stuff outside and the multiple times it has dropped below 0 degrees, well you know now. Back in high school you could wear shorts to school this time of year still because the only time you were cold was the 200 meter walk from the car to the front door of the school. In college you are outside more than half a dozen times when walking to classes, and feel every bit of the biting wind and cold temperatures.

Remember when you got sick in high school and could miss two days of classes just to make things up afterwards. That’s doesn’t really happen in college for the most part. There is no mom (Love you Mom) to sit and give you sprite and chicken broth, there isn’t some assignment you didn’t do because you didn’t know about it, there is a syllabus and your own resources. If you get sick, try and get plenty of rest, take some medicine, and GO SEE THE HEALTH CENTER if it is truly that bad. Do whatever you can to stay healthy and not get behind.

If you’re in a sport and feel injured, then GO SEE THE TRAINERS. Do not wait several days to hope it fixes itself. Any serious pain she get looked at and observed, because you decided to play college sports to be a better athlete. So take advantage of any tools and support the school offers you in being a better Wabash Mathlete (Man-Athlete). That joke wasn’t very funny, but I thought it was when writing it so it gets to stay.

Stay warm readers!


Indiana Runner at Wabash is a website that helps to connect the Indiana running (mainly high school) scene across the state. It’s forums allow for runners across the state to interact, discuss upcoming meet predications, spikes (they’re not called cleats), and so on and so forth. For past several years the website has hosted the Indiana Runner Distance Showcase at several different venues around the state. The meet only consists of distance events ranging from the 800 meters to 3200 meters, as well as some distance relays. In a state known partially for its running it is a pretty cool event to have hosted here at Wabash this year.

The event tends to attract some of the faster high schoolers in the states as the Hoosier State Indoor meet approaches, as well as outdoor track season is drawing ever closer. It provides a small insight into the fitness of a number of potential state track competitors at this time in the year. So runners that I know of that are running are Colin Rinne from Westfield, Alex Calisto of Logansport (Go Berries), Dominic Patacsil of West Lafayette, and Madeline Lilly of Twin Lakes. Good luck to all of them and the other runners competing in today’s various events!