Snow Boarding in Indiana!!

I am really stoked that I responded to that email about going snowboarding Friday afternoon. I had not been snowboarding in about 2 or 3 years and I could not turn down the offer. Best part of it was I did not pay a dime. Thanks to the Extreme Sports Club, led by Sophomore Daniel Craig, it was completely free and even came with buy one get one shakes at Steak and Shake. It doesn’t get much better than that anywhere. A student led organization where they even send invites to the entire campus. Why would you not to go?

Because of Wabash there is a lot I would otherwise not have ever done or be doing. Spontaneity! Because of Wabash and student led organizations I was able to go to the Cross Country nationals last semester and support our Cross Country Team. Because of Wabash I have my own radio show with my buddy where we do anything we want (we keep it legal). And because of Wabash I got to go snowboarding with some guys I knew and some I didn’t. I met some new people and got to have good old fun while rushing down Double Black Diamond Slopes. Yeah I got onto double black diamond.

Senior Zach Vega

Thanks to Wabash I am enjoying myself and relaxing during all the hype and natural stress that there is with classes. Certainly I could deal with it some other way if it wasn’t there, but the fact that it is makes it all that much better. I seriously would not want to be anywhere else right now, I am truly grateful that I am at Wabash College.

I had no real Snowboarding Gear


Tonight I am going to Indy for a networking event at a marketing firm. There it is again, getting out and doing much more than just books and papers. I actually will leave you on that note because I h

ave to go get ready for that.

Thanks Y’all.