Chapel Sing

Chapel Sing today was something to remember. I never took my eyes off that American flag. Though we independents did not make it into the chapel, we fought to the end. I am really proud of all the independents that participated in Chapel Sing. We put in the work and made the decision to represent all freshman independents. And we did a damn good job. 

I was third from the front of the line so I could not see how many Sphinx were on us. But I definitely could feel it. My buddy behind me had at least one or two Sphinx on him the entire time. He never stopped nor did he crack. He pushed through and made it.

We lost this battle, but that was just the beginning of homecoming weekend.  We still have our Queen to show off, our float, banner, and fire side chant. It has been a crazy week and we are going to finish strong.

Don’t forget to check out the bench. We had a ton of independents go out and help all day to guard and paint. The design is actually nice thanks to Martindale’s Kolby. Enjoy it for the rest of homecoming.

I find it very amusing that all freshman in fraternities had to wear their pledge pins.  Funny not because I just want to laugh at my friends in pledge-ship, but because we independents ironically wore American-Flag pins. Resprsenting the freedom and the victors. 

I’ll leave it at that.