It’s You

Good Morning !

Little Giants opened the football season and just obliterated Hanover. Six interceptions by Wabash and the only three passes one of the offensive quarterbacks took were all picked. Sphinx Club led us in our singing of “Old Wabash” and then were obliged to do their push-ups.

The ambiance of the game was something else. When I first came into the stadium I hadn’t noticed that my Religion Professor, Dr.Baer, was literally two seats next to me. I still can’t stop thinking about how awesome that is. I’m sure if I were at a school like University of Houston or even that school just south of here, I would rarely see my professors outside of classes let alone a football game.

Dr.Baer enjoying the season opening game

The spirit and unity from independents was more than I expected. It’s not high school in anyway: cohesion of freshman and upperclassman is very much alive. The “You’re a freshman and your crap” creed is more of a myth now. Upperclassmen are very keen to help you out with homework and more importantly personal problems.

But this is a push and pull system because if you are not willing to be social and get out there no one is going to seek you out. I’m not saying that there aren’t at least of couple of guys that think their crap doesn’t smell, but those guys find out quick that they are not getting the attention they are looking for. It is always obvious when someone is just trying to seek attention or want to be a “popular kid.”

Being yourself is always the way to go. The pivotal difference of high school and college. The superficiality of high school is polar opposite of collegiate reality. Life is finally among you and the decisions you make are actually Your decisions. No none is going to dog down your time or say what your potential is.

You are you and you make you.