This week has been its own sets and ups and downs, and possibly one of the more stressful situations I’ve had. One of the hardest struggles people can have sometimes is fighting self-doubt and a lack of confidence to try and overcome the unknown and adversity. Sometimes one of the easiest things to do is simply quit and give up. Just try and walk away from your problems and leave them “behind.” Because really, does any person ever truly leave their problems behind them?

This past week, overcome by some issues with certain people, the new stress of classes at Wabash, pledgeship, and cross country I thought the best thing for me to do was de-pledge Phi Gamma Delta. After a week of thought and issues I decided that was what I needed to do, even though I had no solid reason why in my heart or mind. That’s why last night I went to my house president, talked to him, depledged. After, I talked to some close upperclassmen in the home, my parents, and had a late night of studying I didn’t feel fulfilled with my decision. Come morning I had gone to the dean, received my change in housing assignment, and by a certain point, visited my new housing and briefly met my new roommate. After a long talk last night and again today after cross country practices with a senior on the team and in the house, I decided I needed to stay.

What is needed to be said here is that things can stink, you can really hate┬áthe “now,” but you can’t let fear blind how you deal with things. I realized how much some people do care about me, and what it does take to accept a brotherhood you are given. It may have only been a day (if that), but I know how I feel now about this house and what I want out of Wabash.

Go Greek.