Hey World!

So, I just want to start off with something interesting that happened a couple days ago. I was on my way to my first day of labs, Latin 101 Lab at 8:45 to 9:35 and BIO 111 Lab from 1:10 to 4:00. Also, since today is Chapel Talk my fraternity requires the freshman to dress in suit and tie every Thursday for all classes. Naturally, I got up this morning to go to my scheduled Latin Lab (possibly a few minutes late), just to walk into the room greeted by my professor with a funny look on his face. I had misunderstood that the 3:10 quiz I had taken yesterday with the small lecture after it was considered our lab for the week. So I was THAT ONE freshman that showed up to the wrong class I didn’t have to, an hour earlier in the morning, and in a suit.

For cross country the team had its first 8k of the season at Hanover and IU! “The 8k is a whole new beast,” as in the words of a Mr. Ryan Horner ’15. That “new beast” however did help to show me something that Wabash is all about though, and that is teamwork. For the last few weeks in practice Coach Busch has made it clear to us freshman about trying to run as a pack and working together for over the first half of the race. Coach Morgan helped to remind myself, and I’m sure others, to remember it’s just the first race and we need to relax and not stress out. The race itself was defined as a group run. Doug Baker ’15, Nathan Bode ’16, Josh Waterman ’17, Free Kashon ’17, and I all ran as a group for the beginning miles of the race. Being in a group of your teammates for nearly three miles of a race brought so much confidence and confidence to me that I think it really brings home about what Wabash is all about. Working together and being one entity as a Wabash student or athlete. Most people here are not from the same place, most have a difference in opinions at times, and yet, most see this school as a single power. No one is ever really alone, some other freshman may be feeling homesick (I know I do a little), but there seems to always be someone to talk to about the new responsibilities, life, and sports/hobbies. Especially with Greek life and athletic teams.

Wabash seems to have its greatest strength not only in its small size and extensive alumni, but in its teams, Greek life, and campus involvement. I cannot, at this point, see how any average eighteen-year-old can attend a large school where you become lost in the crowd, and only focus all of one’s time on studies and partying on the weekend. While the Wabash student body in all regards knows how to have fun on the weekends, it still knows how to buckle down and use its relationships among students to make it a truly great college.

Wabash Always Fights.