This summer I had the opportunity to serve as a mentor and tutor in two summer programs at Wabash College. Pathway to Your Future, was a week-long program for Sophomore and Junior students in high school. During this week, I grew in my leadership skills by serving as a big brother in my mentorship role. The young men I worked with came from different economic and cultural backgrounds all over the country. Despite these differences, the other mentors and I were able to help them work together and to understand that they can use their gifts to achieve
great success.

The second half of my summer, I was a tutor for the Wabash Liberal Arts Immersion Program. This is one of the most meaningful programs this college offers to its students. WLAIP offers a select group of students the opportunity to earn a credit in English 101 the summer going into
their freshmen year. In addition to receiving a credit before most of their peers’ step foot on campus in the fall, participants of this program meet important individuals of the college such as the deans, professors, people in the financial aid office, and business office. This is a program I had the privilege to attend before my freshman year, and it prepared me for the rest of my college years and beyond.

Although I do not know everyone who made these opportunities possible for me this summer, I would like to thank a few individuals I do know by name. In the Pathway to Your Future Program, I would like to thank Brother Kim King and Dean Jones for entrusting me to lead the special young men I met in this program. I would like to thank Dr. Koppelman, Dr. Horton, Dr.
Benedicks, Dr. Lamberton, and Coach Jess, for the opportunity to be a tutor in this year’s Wabash Liberal Arts Immersion Program. Last but not least, thank you to Wabash College and all the donors who make these programs possible each year