My study abroad experience this summer was truly transformative. I got to experience brand-new cultures and meet a variety of new people, all while traveling with my best friends from Wabash. This experience was all made possible by the Stephenson Institute and Professor Mikek. I’m currently a junior biochemistry major and had always wanted study abroad to be a part of my college experience; however, my major made it nearly impossible to travel during the fall or spring semesters. So, when I heard that professor Mikek was hosting a class on Macroeconomics in England over the summer, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Through professor Mikek’s course, I learned how macroeconomics principles learned in class related to Brexit and other current economic issues in Europe. In addition, we learned about various outcomes of short-term and long-term fiscal and monetary policy. Our class didn’t just take place in the classroom. We got to go on experiential learning trips related to what we were learning about in class. For example, we went to the Bank of London, the British Museum, the chamber of commerce in Nottingham, England, and the 2012 Olympic Park and Village. These were great experiences and were very educational.

My trip didn’t just consist of staying at the Harlaxton Manor. I got to go out and travel to other countries on the weekends. I traveled to Scotland, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, and Portugal during my time in Europe. I could write 10,000 words about each of these experiences, which wouldn’t do them justice. During my trip, I saw historical sites such as Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Queen Sofia National Museum of Art in Madrid, and the Castelo de S. Jorge in Lisbon. I was blessed to have had this experience over the summer, and I can’t thank the Stephenson Institute and Professor Mikek enough for providing me with this opportunity.