Don, Morgan, and I at the top of Bob amoss park.
Colby and I at the final ceremony we held for the Nursing Students.

This summer I had the pleasure of interning with SOAR. A non-profit that focuses mainly in Eastern Kentucky helping with the main issues that surround the region. The internship provided a significant amount of insight into the hardships that Eastern Kentucky is facing. There are many issues that do not seem important but have a major impact on the population. We worked together with CDC fellows in order to tackle these economic issues. The nursing shortage was our main objective as we arrived in Pikeville,Kentucky. We received insight into the issues with the nursing shortage and why it continues to get worse. This connects to my global health class where we learn about the many disadvantages populations are under when lacking proper health care infrastructure. We learned specifically how hospitals spend millions of dollars bringing in nurses from near by cities. While those cities are bringing in nurses from those near by cities as well. One of the many flaws this system has. In order to tackle this problem SOAR developed a nursing academy that granted high school students with the proper tools and information to get through nursing school. The team was also able to grant each student a $1500 scholarship to further support the students. This internship helped me understand what it means to be productive. SOAR saw many problems in Eastern Kentucky and their initiative has helped tackle these problems that at times seem impossible to solve. I want to thank the SOAR team and Dr. Jill Rogers for making this internship possible. The support I have received from them has been amazing and contributes to the many reasons why Wabash has the best alumni network.