Jackson Hoover ’24 interned at the Crooked Stick Food Pantry this summer.

This summer I had the opportunity to work with the Crooked Creek Food Pantry based in Indianapolis. I would like to first thank Jill Rogers, Dr. Wetzel and the Global HealthInitiative at Wabash College for providing me this opportunity to serve a community in need. I would also like to thank Steve Claffey (Wabash alum) for working with current students to enrich our experiences. Finally, I would like to thank my managers Zach Fawbush, Maggie Balek, and Steve Van Fossen as well as Dr. Nace and the countless volunteers for giving me an unforgettable experience.I was able to assist in the food distribution process, communicate with people from a diverse set of backgrounds, and understand the role that food security plays in public health. A typical day working at the Crooked Creek Food pantry involves lots of heavy lifting, coordination and oftentimes a bit of creativity.On a daily basis, I was challenged to improve my communication and leadership skills.Whether I was speaking to a client who did not speak English as their first language or to a volunteer who had endless questions, working at the pantry required patience and clear communication.

The Crooked Stick Food Pantry is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

According to Steve Claffey, the number of families served in June 2021 increased by72% in June of 2022 (This need increased 78% when comparing July of 2021 and July of 2022). In fact, the first time I worked the registration booth, we served 130 families over the course of two hours! It is exciting to see the number of people that we are able to help, but these feelings are bitter-sweet. Unfortunately, this need continues to grow and although we are able to support the need, we would hope that people do not require assistance.

I also had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Nace, a pediatrician and general practice physician at the Pecar clinic. Being able to see what she does on a daily basis has only confirmed my desire to pursue a medical career. I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone looking to get involved and to help those in need. I can honestly say that this experience has been my favorite summer job I have held.

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