For these past couple of months, I have interned with Commodity Transportation Services or CTS for short in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have learned so much about both the company and how their jobs are a crucial point that allows everyone else to receive their essential and desired commodities.

What I do at CTS is that I assist Jarred who runs all of the CTS orders that come in from Telos.  Currently, we are working with loads of frozen goods and transporting them from a warehouse in Richland, WA and delivering them to suburbs in Denver, CO like Aurora and Commerce City.  We also do occasional loads out of Commerce City that would go to Caldwell, WY, and a few loads from Commerce City are taken to Phoenix, AZ.  Before we get to the point of getting the semi-trucks and loading them with the commodity,  I have to build the orders and schedule the appointments for these orders.  Once I build these orders and have a truck on the load, I then have to track and monitor the truck closely to make sure that they make their delivery on time.

Ruiz ’25 on the right posing with recently graduated Marsh ’22 hard at work at CTS.

Skills that I have learned while on campus that connect with interning is how to work and use excel at a high level.   Excelling is a big part of this job because you need to keep all your stuff organized or you may forget something. My experiences of excelling while at Wabash, gave me an insight and prior knowledge of what was expected of me while interning.  Skills that I gained while working on site have prepared me even more to excel at life, schooling and in my daily life.

Another skill  that I learned  at Wabash that connects with what I have been learning while interning with CTS is how important it is to communicate with others. Just as you need to communicate with your Professors, I need to communicate clearly with my supervisors and customers. I just want to thank the Small Business Internship Fund for giving me this opportunity to \intern with CTS and allowing me to see a new side of the business industry that I have never even thought about.