This summer, I had the opportunity through the Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse program to contribute to research and writings for a National Science Foundation grant. Through this position, I was able to transcribe deliberations that took place during multiple chemistry courses in the previous year. Along with this, I analyzed these transcripts to find common themes that came out of these deliberations to assist the staff in writing and publishing several papers, including a paper over how to perform these deliberation activities, which I was able to personally contribute to.

Bergman ’24 posing in front of the WDPD office where he worked this summer.

Through this internship with WDPD, I have been able to explore research and publication writing in the field of rhetoric. This look into the publication writing side of my major field will be valuable as I progress my education in Wabash College and beyond. I have also gained valuable organizational and research experience that will help me as I continue to work with large groups across colleges as a fellow at WDPD.

I asked my supervisor, Professor Anderson, if he had anything he would like to share with others who would take on this internship or a similar one in the future. He replied, “Cole has had a busy internship presenting at a GLCA conference, working with students at Gustavus Adolphus College on data analysis, and mentoring other Wabash students. He is an excellent collaborator and scholar exploring the role of deliberative pedagogy in the sciences supporting democratic principles and collegiate education. His efforts this summer should lead him to presenting at more conferences, maybe a publication, and his first-choice law school after his time at Wabash College.” I would not have had these opportunities if it was not for the gracious support of WDPD and Wabash College.

Thank you to the Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse program for giving me this opportunity to work alongside scholars in the field and gain an insight into how academic work is accomplished across colleges. Specifically, I would like to thank Dr. Drury and Professor Anderson for guiding me through this process and being excellent mentors as I explore new opportunities with a greater sense of what kind of work, I would be interested in. The skills I have gained from this internship will be helpful as I progress my academic career in the future.