I will endlessly appreciate my work as an English Writing Consultant with Dr. Benedicks and the English Department. Not only did the internship cultivate a list of skills that will forever benefit my professional endeavors, but it allowed me to apply skillsets that I have developed throughout my educational career at Wabash. Whether it was peer editing papers or providing advice and guidance to help my Wabash brothers reach their writing potential, I found immense meaning and purpose in the work I conducted. Most importantly, as much as I played the role of ‘educator’, this internship supplemented my academics as an English Major. With the information I learned from reading other’s work and studying writing styles, I look forward to utilizing this experience in the classroom. Perhaps the most profound takeaway from this internship was the joy and fulfillment that came from helping my fellow Wabash men, whether that be in writing or life in general. Not only did I build relationships that are sure to last outside of the workspace, but I found purpose in lending a helping hand to my brothers. I felt as though my position as a ‘student teacher’ allowed for me to tap into a special educational space that not many professors are used to seeing. Due to this, I was able to approach my advising from a special angle –one that allowed both my brothers and I to be more comfortable talking about writing in the college setting. On a similar note, working alongside Dr. Benedicks as both her co-worker and mentoree was a profound experience that is sure to serve me well for years to come. With her help, I gained knowledgeable insight and experience on not only writing in general, but classroom innerworkings and teaching styles that motivate students to produce their best work. Overall, I would recommend this internship to any student looking to work alongside and learn from a true professional while bettering not only their own writing skills but the writing skills of their community as well. I would like to thank Dr. Benedicks for her dedication to building the next generation of powerful writers and allowing me to have a glimpse into her expertise.