Hall ’24 enjoying leisure time during his summer internship at Connecta

Through the Small Business Internship Fund, I had the opportunity to work for Connecta Corporation, a precision-machined parts manufacturer in Indianapolis, IN. Connecta primarily operates manufacturing of specially designed parts for aerospace and defense companies but serves clientele in electronics and medical. As a Small Business Intern, my work over the last eight weeks has allowed me to view and work in almost every aspect of the business.

For a portion of the internship, I spent my time performing inventory for the company learning the essential nature of accurate and up-to-date record-keeping for companies that sell a large variety of products but especially for one who must deal with strict deadlines and a high degree of regulations. Financially, I received a plethora of diverse work. For one, I was tasked weekly with recording all client and vendor invoices. Beyond this, I calculated fees related to an ongoing agreement, ensured up-to-date tax exemptions, and performed cost analysis for the potential purchase of equipment. Spare time invited the opportunity for other business improvement projects.

Furthermore, I was allowed to research and develop sales leads, create quotes for previously planned capital investments, and even lead plans for tablets onto the shop floor. My time at Connecta hardly exposed me to one consistent task while allowing me to view the business as a whole, both in my work and my ability to shadow the work of various departments. I want to thank the Wabash Career Services Office for lining up this opportunity, Dustin Fischer for the successful program, and Alan Pyle ’67 for setting up this internship many years ago and his efforts to continue to ensure its success in his retirement.