This past month I was fortunate enough to spend a month abroad at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, taking a macroeconomics course on the impacts of Brexit and Covid-19. In class, we covered the basics of Macroeconomics and the economic structures of the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) to observe how different events can affect economic growth and inflation. Outside the classroom, we applied what we had been learning in our experimental learning days by traveling to the bank of England to learn about monetary policy and inflation. We also visited the London Olympic Park to see how the games have revitalized parts of the city and the old mint in the Tower of London to see the importance of confidence in money. We even had lunch with a group of Wabash alumni working in the financial district in London, who were gracious enough to allow my class and me to pick their brains on the current market conditions and tell stories of Wabash College.

While I did go to Harlaxton to study, I also went to Harlaxton to be abroad. Dr. Sara Petrosillo, a visiting professor from the University of Evansville, described our relationship between classes and fun abroad adventures. She stated, “Your classes provide the backdrop to inspire you to push your limits and seek a deeper understanding of the community you engage in regularly.” I was inspired to travel to England, Wales, and Scotland, meeting new people and understanding a way of life very distant but somehow similar to the one I know. I attended other classes at Harlaxton while joining an archeological dig. Also, I toured a local rugby stadium while listening to a discussion on the impact of the old English hierocracy system. I went to Harlaxton to take a macroeconomics course to enrich my application and understanding of economics. However, I leave with a slightly better social awareness of the greater community I am a part of this summer.

None of this, however, would have been possible without the generosity and help of the Wabash Community. I thank the Stephenson Fund for providing the financial support to allow me to go on this incredible opportunity. In addition, I would like to thank Cassie Hagan, Anthony Mendez ’20, Dr. Erica Sorensen, and Dr. Peter Mikek for their help and support in connecting me with the Stephenson fund and Harlaxton college making this experience possible.

Brooks ’24 spent the summer in England studying microeconomics and enjoying being abroad.
Brooks’ 24 and other fellow Wabash men who studied at Harlaxton College this summer.