This summer I had the unique pleasure of working for CTS in their office in Phoenix, AZ.

And let me tell you how impressed and lucky I feel. Not only did I get the chance to work with an office where 60% of the employees are Wabash alumni, but also had the opportunity to take advantage of my bilingual skills and apply them in the professional field, every single day.

Silva-Melendez ’24 hard at work at Commodity Transportation Service, where he spent his summer.

I am also thankful for Saul Villeda and Adalid Cruz. Saul has been a mentor for me on and off Wabash. He helped me start the Hispanic club/organization at Wabash, La Alianza, and helped me land an internship with CTS. He has helped me tremendously in this internship when it comes to marketing and sales.

Adalid has shown me what an amazing Wabash gentleman and professional he is. He guided me and taught me many skills in this job. His enseñanzas allow me to be a better accountant and sales rep. Also, I loved the lotería nights he invited the other interns and me.

The only thing I have to say now is, Gracias!

Gracias por poner nuestro nombre como “Wabash profesionales” en alto

Gracias por poner nuestro nombre de Latinos en alto

Gracias to the Small Business Internship Fund (SBIF) for funding this amazing experience!