Tony Unfried ’03 teaching the BIP interns about the principles of project management in the tech industry.

On Thursday, 6/23, the rising sophomores of Wabash College in the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE) met with Tony Unfried ’03, Founder/CEO of Archon Tech Strategies in Carmel, Indiana. Tony is a successful serial entrepreneur in the tech industry and is a tremendous Wabash man and loyal supporter of the College.

Tony Unfried ’03 has learned tremendously from his wins, losses, and relationships with others in his business endeavors. Tony is a prime example of an entrepreneur with a competitive and winning mentality that pairs well with the youth of our program. The interns in the summer BIP carefully listened to his experiences as a business owner, investor, and manager of several projects. As a CEO, Tony must assign a project manager to delegate tasks and responsibilities. Tony explained that there must be one “Choker” as the CEO and one “throat to choke” in the project manager. By assigning tasks and responsibilities to one individual, it becomes their problem to solve, and ultimately, they must communicate if they need help or more time to solve it. Tony emphasized communication within his team. He used an analogy to describe this. Tony informed us that one must find people with the right seat on your bus, and he believes he found his. You know what skills you need on your team, and it is your job to put the right people on the bus.

I thank Tony Unfried ’03 for hosting us and sharing his knowledge, expertise, and wisdom of countless business ventures throughout his career. I also thank Cassie Hagan and Anthony Mendez ’20 for successfully leading and executing the 2022 Business Innovation Program (BIP) this summer.