First off, I would like to give a big thanks to Cassie Hagan and Anthony Mendez ’20 for making the Business Innovation Program (BIP) internship possible. I also want to thank all the alumni, guest speakers, and fellow peers that went through the program with me to make it a big success.

Oostman ’25 presenting his Strengths Portfolio tp the rest of the BIP interns.

During the BIP summer internship, we focused a lot of our time on the top five signature strengths we received t from taking the online CliftonStrengths Assessment. At the end of the program, we created a strengths portfolio that outlined the basements and balconies of each strength. In the basement, a strength is raw and can be a negative when applied to groups, while a ceiling is a refined version for enhancing projects and goals. There were similar strengths between the CIBE guys, yet everyone used them differently. It showed us that no leader is the same and that everyone could use their strengths to be great. Another aspect of the portfolio was a description of when each of us performed at our best. After spending so much time with everyone, hearing about their top five strengths, then hearing about when they are performing well, it started to explain why they acted in professional settings. I began to see situations where I saw these talents shine in other people- which helped when working in groups and scenarios. We also tied goal setting into our strength portfolios. Sometimes making goals can be aimless and unrealistic, but having a strength of your own tied into it and knowing that it will be an attainable goal tailored to oneself. Many of the goals were centered around engagement projects and helping younger guys see their strengths as positives which will affect this program positively moving forward.

Lastly, I am thankful that I got to see how useful knowing how to apply your strengths to a group project. Overall, I am appreciative of the skills and experiences that I have gained over this summer.