Nick Prihoda ’99 & Sam Hanes ’16 teaching BIP interns about marketing, advertising, and branding.

We spent the afternoon on Friday, June 10th, in downtown Indianapolis and visited the breathtaking office of Young & Laramore. Nick Prihoda ’99, Vice President of Account Management, and Sam Hanes ’16, Senior Account Manager, were excellent hosts as they presented the business functions of marketing, advertising, and branding.

I was anticipating the arrival at the office not only because of the prestigious reputation of having the best work environment but also because I had known that Nick Prihoda ’99 was a member of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity like myself. Our relationship sparked my curiosity and interest in the company because of our similar experiences. We started by taking a tour around the office–walking through the big open office spaces and the massive rocket with lounge space. The workspace was unique, mesmerizing, and a safe space for creative group work. The open office space would allow my woo and strategic strengths to thrive within the group work setting. After seeing their workspace, we listened to a small presentation learning from Nick Prihoda ’99 and Sam Hanes ’16 about what Young & Laramore is about and how they work with other businesses. I was impressed with their transparent communication and direct group work with other organizations. Young & Laramore is an exciting and efficient place to work.

The overall trip to Young & Laramore opened my eyes to a more modern workspace and a company fueled by creative group work. I thank Nick Prihoda ’99 and Sam Hanes ’16 for the office tour, business lessons, and office tour. I also appreciate Cassie Hagan and Anthony Mendez ’20 for their efforts in leading the Business Innovation Program (BIP) this summer.