Wabash Men from the class of ’72 gathering in Pioneer Chapel to recite and relive one of Wabash’s richest traditions, Chapel Sing

Before the Business Innovation Program (BIP), I had never heard of Big Bash. However, I soon realized the significance for all alumni and the College. For those who aren’t familiar, Big Bash is a two-day event for every Wabash man that has been out of Wabash for at least five years. There were a few alumni that graduated 50+ years. These honorable men are known as Golden Little Giants. Every year’s 50th class gets a special ceremony where they become Golden Little Giants. While many different events took place throughout the weekend, I found my favorite to be the chapel sing event that went class-by-class from young to old. Men from each fifth class gathered consecutively to perform for the judges, but somehow, a part of me knew the 50th class was bringing the W home.

Styles McCorkle ’25 and Jesse Hall ’25 meeting Al Pavlikowski ’56, one of the oldest living alumnus, at 2022 Big Bash

I was fortunate to meet Al Pavlikowski ‘56, the oldest alumnus at Big Bash. He turned 88 years old on the Friday of the 2022 Big Bash. Al Pavlikowski ’56 made sure to let every person who had the opportunity to talk to him know. Also, he showed my friend Jesse Hall and me that he could run like an active college student. Pavlikowski ’56 claimed to be in “nearly the best shape of his life.” I felt inclined to believe his statement was correct at 88 years old.