Brett Driscoll ’24 —¬†First, I would like to thank the Career Services Office and the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE) at Wabash College for the incredible opportunity to participate in the Business Intensive Program (BIP). I would also like to thank Associate Dean Roland Morin ’91, CIBE Senior Fellow Anthony Mendez ’20, former CIBE Senior Fellow Alejandro Reyna ’17, and Gracie Munroe for their continued support and passion in making this all possible. Thank you to those who help fund the CIBE and BIP programs, as none of this would be possible without you. I am grateful to have worked with Trek10, Inc. this summer and want to thank Scott Fulnecky and Nessan Harpur for making that possible. Finally, I want to thank each alum and speaker who shared their valuable time, experiences, and advice with us.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to work with Trek10, Inc. Trek10, Inc. is a technology company in South Bend, IN, engaged in the design, build, and support of AWS (Amazon Web Services) based solutions. Also, Trek10, Inc. focuses on building serverless applications for IoT, media management, data-processing pipelines, and 24/7 cloud security. Even though this internship was virtual, it did not change my ability to gain valuable skills and experience. At home, there was a variety of spots I could sit down and do my work. Being able to take part in this experience with the comfort and ease of working at home was a bonus as well. Communication never seemed to be an issue either. I was still going to the office every day, even if the office was just the spare room in my home!

At Trek10, Inc., I worked as a business and sales development intern. Working in this field encompassing many different tasks varying by the day. I gained experience in market research, sales preparation, list building, cold calling, and more. I completed the internship in a research-to-application manner. At the beginning of each week, we were given a task to research that we would eventually apply directly to our role in the company. For example, in week three, we focused on sales cadences. The first half of the week focused on research, and the back half focused on constructing our software designs. After finishing our software designs, we then put them in place with real potential clients. I was hesitant about the internship duties; however, after seeing continued success week after week, it all made sense. All in all, learning new topics and immediately apply them to a real-world situation was nothing short of a meaningful experience!