Jakob Goodwin ’23 — First, I’d like to begin by thanking Lewis McCrary and everyone involved with the Wabash Public Policy Project for helping fund my internship this Summer. I spent my summer as a public policy intern at Indianapolis-based law firm Kroger Gardis & Regas. I have to thank Wabash alum Seamus Boyce ’03 for bringing me on at KGR to help him this summer.

I’m spending my summer doing a survey of educational policy across the United States. I was tasked with researching what other states were doing in educational policy that might help inform KGR’s education clients on what may be coming down the pipeline in Indiana and what the arguments for and against any given policy are. I’ve looked at issues from school funding and deregulation to contentious issues like critical race theory and transgender youth in sports. This project has expanded my knowledge in a subject that I don’t usually know a lot about, and I’ve come to enjoy reading about what steps our states are taking to help students.  

This internship has also provided me an experience that I did not get in my internship at my local prosecutor’s office last year. Last year, I was confined to my home for my entire internship. This year, I’ve gotten to be in a law office full-time to really learn and experience what the day-to-day of practicing law is like. This has given me a great opportunity to learn more about my future career.  

I need to thank Assistant Dean Roland Morin and Lewis McCrary for all their help in securing this internship. I need to thank Seamus Boyce and everyone else at Kroger Gardis & Regas for extending an opportunity to me and making this summer a great one.