Matthew Brooks ’24 — This summer, I was an intern for the Business Innovation Program (BIP). This program is offered to all rising sophomores who are consultants for the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE) at Wabash College. This incredible program is an eight-week internship that educated us in professional development and provided an opportunity to intern for an alumni-owned business.

Our weekly Professional Development meetings were filled with activities that improved upon both our hard and soft skills. We attended training sessions for Excel, Powerpoint, and LEAN Process Improvement/A3 problem training. Providing us tangible tools to be used in the workplace and the classroom. We improved upon our emotional intelligence in our EQ educational meetings. We discussed how our micro emotions can affect others, how to read others’ emotions, and how to better engage in small talk and means of communication. Finally, we engaged in several case studies ranging from a full spectrum of business types and issues presented to us by an incredible group of Wabash alumni.

The business I had the pleasure of working with this summer is RedRoots Capital. A rapidly growing real estate management and tech business based out of Bedford, IN. Sam Stewart 19’ and Griffin Schermer 19’ are the owners of RedRoots Capital. My work for RedRoots Capital held a strong focus on business operations and education. I had the opportunity to help in several ways for business operations, from creating a tech stack that links tools for project management, data storage, and business communications. I lead RedRoots Capital’s first annual off-site using tools provided in Gino Wickman’s book Traction. Finally, I helped create SOPs that helped in onboarding nine new tenants and operations for the newly adopted tech stack. Outside of business operations, the two owners put a strong emphasis on education. I had the ability to dive deep into the understands of real estate. I learned how to find, purchase, and manage a rental property that could create passive income; Seeding the idea of making my own real estate business that could be scaled by my ambition or building my own portfolio that creates passive income, as so elegantly explained in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. A book that I was required to read for my internship at RedRoots Capital. Outside of gaining incredible experience in creating the founding operation structure of a small business, I’m leaving this summer internship with a new view on business and passive income unbeknownst to me without my experiences at RedRoots Capital.

In the spirit of reflecting, I would like to thank everyone who made my summer internship so unique and educational. My experience this summer could not have been possible without the efforts of Associate Dean Roland Morrin and Anthony Mendez ’20 for organizing the BIP. Sam Stewart ’19 and Griffin Schermer for providing a fantastic experience for me at RedRoots Capital, not only as my bosses but as my mentors going the extra mile to provide a truly incredible experience. Alejandro Reyna ’17 for leading our emotional intelligence (EQ) sessions. My Peers in the BIP for providing a space to grow our knowledge and understanding in business. The fantastic speakers for taking time out of your busy schedules to educate my peers and me through case studies and discussion. Finally, I would like to thank the Incredible alumni who donated to make an experience like this possible. Again, I say thank you to all of you for providing this phenomenal experience.