Andrea Martino ’22 — First, I would first like to thank Dr. Roy Kaplan and Associate Dean Roland Morin for both of their help in obtaining this internship. Their work, coupled with funding through the Wabash Public Policy Project, allowed me to work for the Indiana Attorney General without needing to procure another job. I would also like to thank Heather Shumaker, Doug Sweetnam, Joseph Yeoman, and everybody else at the Indiana ATG for their guidance throughout this internship; you all made this internship much more insightful and enjoyable.

This internship was centralized around identity theft and data privacy. My tasks included listening to phone calls to highlight areas of importance, writing memos for my supervisors, and reading state codes to compile relevant related data. My fellow Wabash men and I would have weekly meetings with the rest of the department to discuss the cases that were being worked on and the parameters around them. Through these meetings, we were able to gain valuable information about the day to day of working in the ATG.

This internship helped me develop skills in reading and understanding state codes and deducing the relevant information for a given case. I also had a lot of fun with this experience, listening to endless phone calls felt more like watching a reality TV show than work. The vibe of the office was upbeat, friendly, and encouraging; Heather was always available and excited to help whenever I encountered an issue. Again I thank everybody at the ATG and at Wabash who provided me the opportunity to secure this internship that is almost exclusively reserved for law school students.