Waggeh ’20 Mentors Inner City Kids In South Bronx

Abdoulie Waggeh ’20 — Helping someone has always been a goal of mine. Having the opportunity to pursue that goal means everything to me. South Bronx United was a soccer organization that I was part of, and it is an organization that helps student-athletes with education and soccer. During the mornings from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, the program focuses on education. After lunch, the program shifts its focus to soccer practices or games. As of now, I am working with a group of 6th-grade elementary school students as a math teacher and also as a mentor. My everyday routine for class includes something we call warm-ups, which is a 5-10 mins activity that we go through every morning from Monday to Thursday. During this time, each student tells me what they did the day before and the different goals they want to achieve during the day. Patience is a skill that has been very useful to me. There are many ups and downs when working with young kids, because some students listen, while others do not. I found out quickly that it is hard to teach a class if other students are not listening. Something that I learned from professional school teachers who are our supervisors is to be patient and work with the kid that is disrupting the class individually. During this process, I have gotten to know these kinds of students more, and my job is to motivate them to get back in the classroom and perform well. Fridays are our fun days for the students because all the activities are based on fun things like, for example, going to six flags, kayaking, or going to the zoo. Students have to present from Monday to Thursday in school in order to participate in these trips. This was another way to get students to behave in the classroom because they want to attend the trip. Overall it has been a learning experience for me, and I want to give a special thank you to the Dill fund organization for providing me with such a great opportunity, and also for funding my internship. I also want to thank Cassie Hagan for helping with the application process. Thank you.