Ngoc Dang ’19 Archon Tech Strategies – This summer I’m working as a Developer Intern at Archon, an Indianapolis based start-up and founded by Tony Unfried ’03. I have had the chance to experience technologies that I would not have encountered anywhere else and have had fun learning as well as utilizing them.

I was first impressed by the working space. Archon’s office is hosted by Platform 24, a coworking space that is first of its kinds here in Carmel and very first one that I have ever seen or worked in. It was surprising to learn that many other companies work under the same roof, on the same floor and on a first come first serve basis. This not only allows us to enjoy the perks of a large, multipurpose work space that may not be available to small companies, but also gives a very bright and lively impression of what other companies do. I’m even more impressed that Tony cofounded this coworking space and embraced this model.

As a Developer Intern, I’ve got a taste of what working in the IT field is like. Working in a startup requires that you be even more very responsive to changes and willing to be adaptive to succeed. We have been experimenting with new technologies despite still being in the development stage, which provides us with lots of potential. One of them is integrating Amazon Alexa to a mobile app Archon already developed. Imagine you can interact with an app via voice besides the traditional method of touch. Another is using mobile technology to raise a gate arm or community gate without having to physically use a card or keypad.

I have been able to enjoy perks as well. On the second day of work I had the chance to go the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and attend an IAWM networking event. Yesterday from the time of writing this blog, we went to a professional conference to learn about the Internet of Things.

This internship has provided me experiences that will help me for years to come. I thank Tony Unfried ’03, and the Career Services Staff for providing me this opportunity.