Evan Frank ’19 Triton Brewing Company – In my first four weeks I have spent with Triton, I have worked in two departments, production and the tasting room.  My first two weeks were spent in production. Before starting this internship I had very little experience with product development and I was excited to learn about it.  I also had no experience with brewing, but the brewers gave me projects each day such as cleaning kegs, preparing packages, etc. so that I could contribute in a meaningful way.  They would also let me add and weigh hops to the beer every now and again so that I could be a part of the brewing process.  The work that I did was not glamorous, but it was important and it highlighted how crucial every little detail of production is and how meticulous it is to make a good product.  After all, there is not brewing company without a good beer.

My next two weeks were spent in the tasting room of the brewery.  In my time in the tasting room I was a bartender and a waiter.  Being in the tasting room means there is constant interaction with he general public.  It isn’t necessarily hard to be a waiter, but it is an experience that allows one to really understand how to communicate and interact with people well.  I also felt that my organizational skills really improved as I was often serving multiple people at once.  The best part about working in the tasting room, however, was the staff.  Everyone was extremely helpful which allowed me to figure things out quickly.  They highlighted the importance of making everyone on a team feel comfortable so that they perform well on the job.

In the coming weeks, I will join the sales department as well as management.  I have really enjoyed my internship so far and I look forward to continuing to learn about business how I can apply my liberal arts education to it.