Ben Page ’18 HireEducation – First, I would like to start by thanking the Small Business Internship Fund for the opportunity to intern at HireEducation in Boulder, Colorado. Second, I would like to specifically thank Roland Morin, Spencer Peters, and all of my other coworkers who made this summer not only possible but also an amazing experience. HireEducation is a small recruiting firm that specializes in working with education technology companies all across the continental United States. During my time at HireEducation I learned a lot about the day-to-day operations of the company, but I also learned what it was like to work in an office and form new relationships with coworkers. My previous work experience has been primarily in a classroom environment, which doesn’t give you the opportunity to support someone working in his or her actual career. Being able to do work this summer that yielded actual results fairly quickly was very rewarding. Through many different experiences this summer I was able to further develop my networking, data entry, and time management skills.

My primary responsibility at HireEducation was to provide support for the research team. With the way that HireEducation is structured, there are five recruiters that all share the same research team which happens to be just one person and not actually a team. Once a recruiter launches a search with a client, the research team is responsible for finding potential candidates that fit the job description. After the head of research put together a list of candidates, my job was to input them into the company database for recruiters to call through. I did everything from inputting previous work experience to contact information. A lot of what I did involved data entry, but I also spent time working on market research. Education technology is an industry that has been showing tremendous growth over the last five years. During the eight weeks I was working I tracked different market trends as well as several job board pages. This project allowed me to put the skills I have learned as an economics major to the test. In my opinion, however, the most beneficial experience was going to San Antonio for the 2017 ISTE conference.

After being in Colorado for about a month, the other intern, Scottie Ogle, two recruiters, and myself got to go to San Antonio for the biggest education technology conference of the year. The three days we were there were absolutely amazing. The conference itself showcased everything that was new and trendy in the world of technology in the classroom. I was able to explore the expo hall as companies as big as Google and Microsoft were showcasing their new products. Additionally, our company actually hosted a party one evening, and I was given the opportunity to network and sell our company as well as myself. The whole summer was one I will not soon forget, and I am very thankful to everyone that made it possible.