Anthony Mendez ’20 — This summer, I worked for Infinite Global, Inc., a marketing firm in downtown Indianapolis, IN. I want to thank the Mellon Grant, the Wabash Liberal Arts Immersion Program (WLAIP), and the Career Services Office at Wabash College for funding this experience and making it a reality. I am interested in how businesses operate from within, such as advertising, promoting products, and satisfying customers. From a young age, I struggled with verbal communication and public speaking. However, my experience working at Infinite Global has helped me grow professionally. I was very nervous for the first two interviews, but I prepared the night before by researching common questions, assessing my strengths and weaknesses, and having a confident mindset. After completing the interview, I learned that Infinite Global, Inc. offers direct sales for Xfinity (Comcast) services in local retail stores such as Walmart.

When arriving on my first day, the office was full of people. Everyone was following a formal presentation on pitching, presenting, and closing a deal. After being introduced to several corporate trainers and account executives, I began writing down notes on these skills. The morning session lasted a couple of hours as the corporate trainers dispersed with their teams to local Walmarts around Indianapolis. I learned all about their internet, cable, home phone, and security system. Having a student mindset encouraged me to take notes, ask insightful questions, and better myself professionally. I learned the importance of actively listening to customers rather than just hearing them.

After working for nearly three months in the field, I could not have asked for a better working environment with such competitive fellow interns and business partners. Having a student mentality helped a lot when studying specific scenarios, dealing with rejections, indecisive customers, and challenges. My sales every week dramatically increased, which motivated me to work harder than ever before. I am not pursuing a career in sales after Wabash, but I enjoy working with clients in an energetic working environment. With the support from Infinite Global and Wabash College, I made a lot of progress over the summer. As a result, I am transferring this business knowledge not only to the classroom but professionally.