Hayden Baehl ’18 Connecta Corporation – First and foremost, I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment for making this opportunity possible. The Lilly Endowment funded my internship and the development of my professional experience. I cannot thank the endowment enough for supporting and funding this experience this summer and all the other previous experiences; they have all been worthwhile.

Working for Connecta Corporation has been an enjoyable and educating experience. I worked on many various projects/jobs. My main focus was updating and analyzing the Key Process Indexes (KPIs). Do to the audit in late July, updating the KPIs were my number one priority this summer. I wrote instructions for mostly all the KPIs and converted a few into percentages to better measure the key processes. Jared (the other intern) and I worked together because the KPIs were measuring the processes of which he was writing procedures. Jared worked on the front end, and I worked from the back-end of things, and we met in the middle. I, too, spent a fair amount of time working in the inspection department. I did everything including 1st piece checks, tollgates, thread checks, F110 forms, and setting gauges. I knew nothing about quality control until I came to Connecta Corporation. I got my feet wet when I was working with Jared on the AS9100 manual, but working in inspection, I performed the procedures and filled the forms that we created/updated for the manual. Additionally, my performance was evaluated in the KPIs. By the end of the summer, I was involved in creating (in the form of a diagram), performing, and evaluating an entire process. To me, that is a pretty unique and educational experience. There are not many places where one will get the opportunity to operate in every facet of an operation.

Accounting was another area I was involved in during my time at Connecta Corporation. I quoted several jobs as well as determined the profitability of past jobs. Updating the cost accounting system was another project on the to do list, but due to time restrictions, I was not able to complete this task. I was supposed to improve the usage of Connecta’s E2 software system so that the time required to complete a particular task was better known; therefore resulting in a more accurately projected cost per job. I was also tasked with a number of other jobs, but the work was less pertinent to my major and minor. I throughly enjoyed working at Connecta Corporation and would like to thank Alan and Derek for taking me on as an intern.