Langley ’19 Gets 1st Place for Business Plan #1 in LABB 2016

Ja’Von Langley ’19 LABB 2016-In the first three weeks of the LABB Program, I have learned an extensive amount of information that will help my future in the business world. I have met with alumni, who have done some tremendous things in their lives and tell some tremendous stories. One in particular was Jeremy Cage, class of 1986, he talked to people in a colloquium over Big Bash Weekend about “Releasing their Full Potential” and his experience sailing across the world. He and many other alumni have taught me to work hard, dream big, and be humble – that will you get a long way.


I’d say Week Three was a big week for the LABB program because all twenty-one of us were working so hard on our restaurant business plans to present to possible investors on Tuesday. My group, which consisted of four people including myself, were trying to create a deli. Our goal was to be one of the top delis in Indiana by providing unique foods and a speedy food pick-up service, but to do that we needed some investors on board to help us get our project going. Our hard work paid off, as our group got first place with the most amount of money from investors. It was a huge achievement for the group and we’re so proud of our hard work.


Along with the pitches, we started learning about marketing; strategic marketing vs. tactical marketing and the importance of it. We have had many hands-on activities where we could practice our marketing strategies and entrepreneur skills. Through these activities, I have built strong relationships with co-workers that will last forever. I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment for funding the program. I would also like to thank Wabash College and the CIBE program for giving me this opportunity. This internship truly means a lot to me, and I have learned so much. It has truly opened my eyes to the real-world work that goes into a business and has only motivated me to be the best in whatever career path I choose in life.

Ja'Von Langley Photo Final

Ja’Von Langley ’19