PJ Hadley Photo Final
Hadley ’18 Practices for Presentation for LABB 2016

Preston Hadley ’18 LABB 2016-The LABB Program is my first internship that I am doing through Wabash. I am extremely excited to start this program and learn all that I can about businesses. This internship gives me an opportunity to learn how to be successful in the business world without having to take any business classes in school. Instead I can take a seven-week internship funded by the Lilly Endowment where I learn how to properly run a business, present a business idea to investors, and how to consult with a business on ways for them to improve their business. Along with that I can also network with many successful businessmen from the Wabash Community and learn what they did that helped them become so successful. The last part of this program that I am thrilled about is that I will get to improve my skills in public speaking. One fear that I have always had is public speaking. Through this program I will be doing several presentations in which I must get up in front of an audience and present my case. This will help me overcome my fear and also teach me how to properly speak in a business setting. This will assist me tremendously in the future as I enter the business world and work to become a successful analyst. The skills I will learn from this program are perfect to help me become an analyst because I will be able to see every aspect of the business and learn how to properly consult a business so that I can see how a business is doing and help them figure out what exactly they need to do to ensure that their business is profitable. I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment for giving my classmates and I the opportunity to do this internship and become more proficient in business.