A growing group of Wabash entrepreneurs are at the forefront of a craft-brewing boom that’s enriching the state’s quality of life and shoring up Central Indiana’s economic bottom line. In the WM Winter 2016 we feature nine alums “Brewing the Good Life,” but not every story made it into the print edition.

One of the most intriguing came from David Waldman ’93, whose Jewish heritage informs not only his interest in brewing, but his mission to create a hospitable place for his customers to relax and be part of a community.

“When we set this up we wanted to be the Starbucks of beer—that third place you go when you’re not at work or home with your family,” Waldman says. “We wanted you to be able to bring your kids and sit with them and have some root beer and a hot pretzel, and feel like you belong.

“It’s like the living room, only someone else is cleaning up afterward.”

Waldman is also the only alum we interviewed for this story who is doing the work he actually imagined himself doing long before he enrolled at Wabash. He talks about that in this brief excerpt from our conversation.