Soccer Field Almost Ready for Turf

By Kenny Farris ’12

Construction work on the new soccer and practice/IM fields at Mud Hollow has entered a new phase this week.

“We want to lay turf on Monday,” Director of Operations for Athletic Field Development Mike Herron said. “That is our plan if things continue as scheduled.”

Check out an album of field construction pictures here.

Dump trucks came to the former site of the Wabash College baseball and soccer fields on Tuesday to drop off gravel. Workers have been using bulldozers, surveying equipment, and gravel rollers to flatten the gravel in preparation for laying turf.

“We’ve put in a sub-base and some fabric underneath the top layer of gravel,” Herron said. “This ground is called Mud Hollow, so we wanted to firm it up a little bit.”

In the past two weeks workers have taken advantage of largely dry weather to lay brick for the new soccer spectator stands. The dry weather has also allowed the project workers to flatten out the layer of topsoil on the Eastern edge of Mud Hollow.


  1. Sports mom of 3

    All the new facilities look wonderful! We can not wait for the new soccer stadium. What an exciting time at Wabash!

    • Sycamore Hills - your neighbors

      It’s great to see the progress as we leave Sycamore Hills each day. Now, please do something with some of the houses that are next to the new fields….buying them and tearing them down for parking lots would be a great asset. We love our neighborhood, but not your visiting vehicles on our little street. Wabash builds everything but parking lots………please!!

  2. I am delighted to see the investment into all of the sports facilities, however, I still firmly believe that soccer should be played on grass, not turf.

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