Construction crews have been busy throughout the spring at Mud Hollow Field. It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago the Wabash soccer team was finishing its 2010 season on the grassy field just east of what is now the former baseball field.

View the latest photos from the construction project here.

Work will continue throughout the summer at Mud Hollow Field. The new soccer stadium will be on the western (right in photo) portion of the field, while eastern half house grass practice fields along with throwing areas for the track and field team.

Crews have spent the spring leveling the field and cutting into the hillside next to the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house. The base structure for the new soccer stadium stands is in place, and according to project manager Mike Strolle addition cement for the restrooms located next to the stands should be poured within the next 10 days.

Stone is being applied this week to create a drainage base for soccer field, which will eventually be covered with a new FieldTurf Pro soccer-specific surface. Top soil has been put in place on the eastern half of Mud Hollow Field and sod will be installed in the coming weeks practice space and areas for intramural competition. The southeast corner of the field will provide throwing areas for track and field practice and meets.

“We are planning to begin the turf installation toward the end of June,” Strolle said. “Despite the storms in April and May, we’ve been able to continue working throughout the spring. Work will continue throughout the summer to have the facility ready by the start of the fall school year.”