Will Goheen ’24 — The experience Wabash College and the CIBE helped me get this summer was
amazing. The BIP lessons and skills we learned helped us obtain skills that would directly help with
our summer jobs, so it was really cool to see the improvement happen so fast. Learning how to
use excel and many other computer applications more efficiently is a criminally undervalued
skill, and helped a tremendous amount. Personally, it helped me be way more productive and
shave hours off of my time to complete my workload.

A huge special thanks to Roland and Anthony for helping me be prepared for the initial
internship interview. Having never been interviewed for a job before, it was a very daunting task,
but they helped me to be collected and prepared for the interview. Alejandro also helped a
tremendous amount with soft skills such as how to read people, respond to questions, and
convey your thoughts and answers better. The breakfast challenge we would do helped to put
us in an uncomfortable spot, and challenged us to be better communicators These skills also
helped me feel more comfortable in discussions during my internship.

This summer, the BIP also helped me secure an internship with Leonard-McDowell.
Leonard-McDowell is a tech-based venture capitalist firm located in Zionsville Indiana. They
primarily invest and help sell companies’ technology that offer solutions to technological
problems companies face in the 21st Century. During this internship, I primarily worked in sales
and learned a lot. One of the best things I was taught about sales is identifying the problem.
Leonard-McDowell sold many products from over 8 companies. My background is not based on
technology, so Frank Leonard, the CEO, and founder told me I did not have to know every detail
about every product. I simply needed to know the problem is solved, and I knew how to sell the
product. I also learned a great deal of business, manufacturing, and marketing terms. This was
a huge benefit because now when I hear professionals talk, I can join the conversation and be