Thomas Bolen ’22 — To begin I would like to thank all of the gracious alumni donors to the Dill Fund that makes opportunities like these possible. I would like to personally thank Dr. Roy Kaplan and the Career Services Office and their help and support. This summer I had the opportunity to work for Founder & CEO Tony Unfried ‘03 and his company Archon Tech Strategies. I worked for the security software division of Archon Tech Strategies.

Among many other projects like client prospecting and advertisement creation, I learned how to navigate the software and in turn do quality control for it as well. Over the course of two months I learned about what goes into project management and what that requires, numerous marketing & advertising strategies, user interface/user experience and the design process, project creation and how to pitch it, and finally important concepts that are needed to be successful in the technology market.

Overall, this experience was fantastic. It is always exciting to learn new things and become wiser in real-world realities and this internship definitely provided both. Everyone on the staff was a big help not just professionally but personally. This internship has definitely helped me determine what I want my future to be and how to get there.