Nick Roberson ’24 — As the summer comes to a close and the faculty and students prepare for another year of
profound learning and growth at Wabash College, my internship at the Carroll County
Prosecutor’s Office also reaches its conclusion. Before I delve into the specifics of my
internship, I must thank the many individuals and forces at play that allowed such an insightful
experience to form and take place. First, I give many thanks to Lewis McCrary and the Wabash
Public Policy Project for sponsoring and funding this internship, as well as their extensive work
in hosting public policy workshops throughout the summer. I must also thank Roy Kaplan and
Roland Morin of Wabash Career Services for their invaluable assistance in ensuring that every
piece of this internship was in place and able to happen. Finally, I absolutely must thank
Wabash-alum and Chief Deputy Prosecutor of Carroll County Shane Evans for taking me under
his wing this summer and for granting me an abundance of opportunities to garner immense
knowledge in the inner working of the justice system. All of you have my immense gratitude.

For the past ten weeks, I have had the immense pleasure of serving my community by
interning at the Carroll County Prosecutor’s Office, where I serve under Prosecutor Nick
McLeland and Chief Deputy Prosecutor and Wabash-alum Shane Evans. Since the inception of
the internship, I have loved the work I have conducted under the Prosecutors, assisting them in
developing plea deals, filing probable cause affidavits, as well as conducting research analysis
for Mr. Evans. Specifically, I established a database wherein I researched topics such as the
influence of mental illness and psychiatric disorders on young adult recidivism, factors
associated with early marijuana initiation and its effect on future criminal behavior, and the
effectiveness of different sentences and programs on crime prevention and rehabilitation. All in
all, I have had a busy yet productive summer.

Throughout this internship, with the work I’ve conducted and the attorneys and judges I
have been able to connect with, I have acquired an abundance of knowledge in the justice
system, and I’ve attained a level of enlightenment that has pushed me towards pursuing a career
in law. I’ve learned that to have a successful and enjoyable career in law, one must maintain a
cool-head and develop a thick hide, as individuals become quite emotional when they must
directly address the crimes they have committed or have been involved in or affected by.
Practicing law is not an easy career, nor is it for the faint of heart. If one desires to become an
attorney, prosecutor, or judge, they must be ready to give it their all, so to speak, and have a
desire to have a positive influence on their community. All in all, this internship was a lifechanging experience for me, and I cannot wait to continue pursuing a career in law.